Hello there! Been a little while since the last update but here it is. The recordings and mixing are moving ahead at a somewhat reasonable pace and the results are coming together well. The release should happen within the summer or fall of 2024. The premiere album is now officially self titled as Dark Pale. The track list is as follows. The song order may remain or possibly change.

Deep Freeze
Be There
Coming This Way
Your Time
This Love
Single Note
Far Cry
First Light

That's all for now and I hope you enjoy your summer and look forward to this new music landing in your ears shortly. - e.c.

The album trailers are out! Watch them now.

A short update. Getting closer now to the release of the first of the two EP's. Check back here shortly for the video trailer. It's coming together well. Looking forward to the feedback! Enjoy the spring weather and get out there.

Since the last update, three people who performed on some of the recordings became victims of the Covid-19 virus including one of the voices performing on a song about the pandemic itself. Thankfully, all recovered successfully except one who still suffers from side effects which we hope will eventually fade away entirely.

Lockdowns and the overall logistics with dealing with things in general have caused further delays. The estimated target release date came and went. But, things are closer than ever now as a decision to release the album as two separate EP's instead makes things easier to accomplish in a shorter time frame. At this time, EP #1 has a working title of "Deep Freeze" and EP #2 as "Meltdown".

Also worth mentioning is one of the songs on the album is being replaced with a new song titled "The Coming Of Your Time" which was written and recorded in the past year and will be part of the tracks on the first EP. The song that was replaced titled "Lights Out" will most likely be released as a single on it's own.

In other news, if you haven't already heard, a band that has provided the world with some great music from as far back as the 80's has released their first album after an 18 year absence. Tears For Fears released the title track "The Tipping Point" from their new album which has a fresh new sound. The title track contains deeply personal subject content and is delivered with a dark and ghostly musical atmosphere which reaches out to many who have suffered the loss of a loved one. You can view the video "HERE"

Please stay safe and healthy and check for a follow up again soon.

Here is something completely different from the current project you can have a look and listen to that was inspired by the health crisis we are experiencing. Please be safe and healthy and keep doing whatever is required to help save lives and get things back to normal as soon as possible. WATCH VIDEO

All instrument tracks and musician performances are complete... Maybe. Voice tracks are being worked on and recorded at every opportunity and so far sounding the way they should. Unlike most music nowadays that can involve a single person surrounded by loops and poop, there are several human beings performing with real instruments on very demanding arrangements.

This, of course, makes everything overall sound personal, intimate and real. Hopefully things can get wrapped up in the next little while with the voice work as that will leave the mixing and mastering which can be a smooth sail or a rocky road depending on what direction and sound best suits the entire project.

Good things come to those that wait. Great things come to those that wait longer.

Well... the summer has neared it's end and we are still a bit further behind than originally hoped for. At this stage, most the voice tracks are to be recorded which will lead to final mixing and mastering. Although you sometimes want to be working in the studio more, it just doesn't seem possible with other things in life that require attention.

It can be frustrating when you get so near completing a project that has been in the works for a while. But, like they say, good things come to those that wait. And Lord knows, I have waited. I am eager to write and work on more music but have been holding off in order to focus on the project at hand. That might be best for now. Or not.

Happy to report that major obstacles have been overcome in the recording process and we are now even closer to the album being completed. All of the music tracks are almost complete. The last instrument parts, mainly guitars, have been recorded.

Next, we will be moving to the voice tracks, mixing and finally mastering. Things are sounding great overall. We are building a new vocal room in the studio which is almost ready for action and should provide another source for delivering a perfect sound to the many voice and harmony tracks.

Soon, we should be able to post one of the tracks from the album right here for you to preview and purchase that will give you a good example of what's to come and hopefully grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. Read on and stay tuned... 

Dark Pale